Why you should choose Elmer's Wood Glue, America's strong favorite

For more than three decades, Elmer's has been helping people complete projects and make repairs inside and outside the home. From woodworkers to DIY'ers, Elmer's has a product line specially designed for ease of use and durability. Our Wood Glue formulas are created with an application focus, making it easier to find the exact glue you need to get the job done right.


What makes Elmer’s the best glue for wood projects?

Carpenter's Wood Glue and Carpenter's Wood Glue MAX are quick to set, with a strong bond. They're easy to sand or paint and won't produce harmful fumes.


If you like to work on projects and make repairs around the home, then this is the wood glue for you. Elmer's Wood Glue and Elmer’s Wood Glue MAX are reliable and versatile adhesive, and they are easy to apply. When you need a wood glue that will get the job done right in as little time as possible, be sure to choose Elmer's.


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Elmer’s Glue For Wood – Carpenter’s Wood Glue

Elmer's Wood Glue Features

  • Quick to set
  • Strong Bond
  • Non-Toxic Formula
  • Safe to Sand and Paint
  • Easy Cleanup
  • Weatherproof Formula
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