Elmer's Wood Filler - Filling the Gap.

Elmer's is filling the gap. Elmer's Wood Fillers feature a variety of formulas, colors, and unique characteristics including wood fibers and patented ceramic microspheres. These characteristics provide easier sand-ability and stain-ability which help maintain a lasting finish.


Unlike other wood fillers, Elmer's wood filler is designed to withstand sanders – giving you the best sanding performance with a flawless finish. Safe for indoor and outdoor use, our unsurpassed durability allows for superior sanding, staining or painting as needed. You can even blend different colors of fillers to get the best match.


NEW Color Change Wood Filler is an innovative, patent pending new formula that appeals to Light DIYers. The wood filler will change color when it's dry. It's stainable, paintable and sandable.


Need an exterior wood filler that is weather resistant? How about a wood filler you can use inside the home that is quick-drying and easy to use? Elmer's has it all - we've got all your wood filler needs covered.

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Elmer's Wood Filler Features

  • Quick Drying
  • Weather Resistant
  • Durable
  • Safe to Sand
  • Stainable
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